BSI发布了石墨烯片性能的新指南PAS 1201(该指南可免费下载),该项指南对石墨烯片的物理和化学特性进行了说明,并就石墨烯的信息制造商和供应商应向潜在用户提供咨询意见。


根据BSI制造部负责人Dan Palmer所说,定义石墨烯薄片的特性有望帮助该材料获得更广泛的商业认识和认可。


BSI发布了石墨烯片性能的新指南PAS 1201(该指南可免费下载),该项指南对石墨烯片的物理和化学特性进行了说明,并就石墨烯的信息制造商和供应商应向潜在用户提供咨询意见。


BSI的制造部负责人Dan Palmer说:“PAS 1201列出了任何制造商或利益相关方在将这种材料引入制造过程之前都需要了解的有关石墨烯的信息。为了抓住石墨烯在英国的商业机会,将石墨烯的特性信息进行标准化是非常重要的。”

PAS 1201适用于希望比较来自不同制造商的石墨烯片状材料基本性能的用户,这些用户还可能利用其他制造渠道或后期处理。测试设备制造商、采购人员、研究人员和政策制定者也可能发现该文件很有帮助。


PAS 1201中包括了制造石墨烯片和影响石墨烯材料选择的不同阶段的说明,以及行业公认术语和定义的综合清单。

PAS 1201:2018石墨片的特性-指南是由Innovate UK赞助。下列组织作为指导小组的成员参与了这项标准的制定工作:BAE系统、剑桥纳米材料技术有限公司、工艺创新中心有限公司、DZP技术有限公司、Haydale、Iceni实验室有限公司、知识转移网络、国家物理实验室(NPL)、PVI工业公司、Thomas Swan & Co公司、华威大学有限公司。

BSI launches new guide for graphene, the 2D ‘wonder material’

–       Graphene, the 2D form of carbon, is 200 times lighter than steel and stronger than titanium. It was invented in 2004 at the University of Manchester

–       Defining the properties of graphene flakes is expected to help the material gain wider commercial awareness and acceptance, according to Dan Palmer,  Head of Manufacturing at BSI

Over the last decade there has been a huge interest in graphene, commercially and scientifically, due to the many exceptional properties associated with the material. Graphene is the world’s strongest and thinnest material, and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.

BSI, the business standards company, has published a new guide to the properties of graphene flakes, PAS 1201. The guide, which is free to download, provides an explanation of the physical and chemical properties of graphene flakes, and advice on information manufacturers and suppliers of graphene should give to prospective users.

The importance of the discovery of graphene by two physicists at the University of Manchester was acknowledged by the award of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics, and initiated intense global activity in research and commercialization.

Dan Palmer, Head of Manufacturing at BSI, said: “PAS 1201 sets out the information that any manufacturer or interested party needs to understand about graphene before introducing this material to the manufacturing process. Standardizing the information that is made available about properties of graphene flakes is important in order for the commercial opportunities of graphene in the UK to be realized.”

PAS 1201 is relevant for users who wish to compare the basic properties of graphene flake materials from different manufacturers, who might use other manufacturing routes or post-treatments. Test equipment manufacturers, procurers, researchers, and policy makers may also find the document particularly useful.

Graphene, the same material used in pencil lead, consists of a single layer of carbon atoms and is both pliable and transparent. Adding graphene to existing materials, such as plastic or steel, makes the composite correspondingly stronger and lighter.

Illustrations of the different stages for manufacturing graphene flakes and for impacting graphene material selection are included in PAS 1201, as well as a comprehensive list of industry-agreed terms and definitions.

PAS 1201:2018 Properties of Graphene Flakes – guide was sponsored by Innovate UK. The following organizations were also involved in its development as members of the Steering group: BAE Systems; Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd; Centre for Process Innovation Limited; DZP Technologies Ltd; Haydale; Iceni Labs Limited; Knowledge Transfer Network; National Physical Laboratory (NPL); PVI Industries; Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd; University of Warwick; Versarien plc.


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